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To get a broad sense of Europe’s predicament

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replica celine purse Over the past decade, Europe’s celebrated project for an “ever closer union among its peoples” has been in a constant state of paralysis because of a series of crises: the euro zone debt crisis, the flood of refugees knocking on Europe’s doors, Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea and covert support for pro Moscow rebels in Ukraine, and the systematic move away from democratic principles in Hungary and Poland. Finally, Brexit Britain’s vote in favor of leaving the European Union raised fears of the union’s disintegration.To get a broad sense of Europe’s predicament, there is perhaps no better guide than William Drozdiak’s “.” Drozdiak, a former chief European correspondent for The Washington Post, crisscrosses the region from Berlin to London, Paris to Brussels, Madrid to Rome, Warsaw to Copenhagen, and Riga to Athens, with jaunts to Moscow, Ankara and Tunis, ending with a final trip to Washington. Member states. replica celine purse

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