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“[Forty or 50 per cent of] 911 calls are not life threatening

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replica celine belt bag SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileUnder current rules, paramedics responding to 911 calls are required to take patients to a hospital emergency room, regardless of whether or not the call is actually a life threatening emergency, said Wayne Gates, SNEMS chief.”We have no leeway to take them to any other place,” Gates said. “So, for the city of Thunder Bay, essentially all our patients have to be transported to the [Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre emergency department].”Ontario looks to give paramedics new powers, experiment with ‘fire medics’Ontario communities sound alarm over proposed changes to Ambulance ActNew paramedic dispatch system to give most serious calls top priorityHowever, Gates said, non emergency 911 calls have a big impact on SNEMS services, as well as the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre’s emergency room.”[Forty or 50 per cent of] 911 calls are not life threatening or urgent, where someone needs to get to the emergency department immediately,” Gates said. “A lot of them are people that. replica celine belt bag

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